This profile will give you access to our local Glenwood Dollars for Scholars scholarships as well as all national scholarship opportunities through Scholarship America and 1.5 million scholarship listings from Fastweb, a leading website for scholarship and financial aid information. Your submitted profile will serve as an application for these scholarships.

After you have completed your profile, visit our website to check out your scholarship opportunities.  Log in to your profile and navigate to the "My Scholarships" page.  You will be able to view possible scholarship matches and, with a few clicks, be able to submit your profile as an application for those scholarships. Some scholarships may require additional information but the website will guide you through the process.  You will need to submit your profile for each individual scholarship. 

The "My Scholarships" page will also keep a log of all scholarship applications you have submitted.  Be sure to check your "My Scholarships" page often to take advantage of all scholarship opportunities that may be listed.  This listing will be constantly changing as scholarships become available and deadlines pass.  The more complete your profile, the greater number of possible scholarship matches, so keep checking for updates.




To take advantage of all possible scholarship opportunities, we highly recommended that you complete the entire profile.  It is very important to obtain a counselor's or teacher's recommendation and to provide information on all school, work, and community activities and awards.

Students need to use a permanent email address so if you have started your profile using your school email address, please edit your email address on your profile.  Your school email will be deactivated when you graduate and we need to be able to communicate with you next year while you are away at college.

Check the log-in page on our website for additional directions concerning your application for our scholarships. We also have a FAQ page on our website. You may also email your questions to Check our Profile FAQ for additional information.

Use the following guidelines for the essay questions:

Goals and Aspirations essay question: state your goals as to your education and future career and describe your plan to accomplish these goals. Explain what circumstances have affected your decision to pursue further education in your chosen major and how you have prepared for these studies. Describe how you plan to fund your college education. (No more than 250 words)

Unusual Circumstances essay question: detail any personal circumstances that make achieving your future goal more challenging. Such circumstances may include recent personal tragedies, illness, disabilities, divorce or family issues, parental unemployment, financial need, large number of siblings, additional family members currently attending college, or any other circumstances you wish us to consider. (No more than 250 words)

Obtain parental consent

Have a parent log-in (they will need a different email from yours) and give consent for your profile application. If a parent completes the financial section there are privacy controls in place to ensure that only the parent will see the details of this information. An "Estimated Family Contribution" amount, similar to a FASFA calculation, will be shown on the submitted profile. If you have a financial need, explain the need in the unusual circumstances essay question. If you are over age 18 the parental consent is not needed.

Request current transcript

Before submitting your profile as an application for a scholarship, make sure your transcription information is current and verified by the counselor.

Review and submit

Be sure to carefully review your profile before submitting as an application for any scholarship to make sure all sections are complete. Double check that you have parental consent and current transcript information verified by a counselor. Double check that all additional information required by a specific scholarship is included. The website allows you to submit an incomplete profile as an application but it will be considered incomplete and you may not be eligible for a scholarship.  A completed profile allows you to match to more scholarships; make sure you apply for all of them!