To be eligible for a Glenwood Dollars for Scholars Scholarship, students must:

  • Graduate from Glenwood Community High School in the coming Spring term.
  • Complete the online profile/application process on this website and then apply for each scholarship they may be eligible for. 
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student, in good academic standing, at a post-secondary institution in the summer or fall following your graduation from high school.
  • Scholarship recipients must write a thank you letter upon receiving your scholarship award (within 30 days), to the individual or organization providing the award, as designated by Glenwood Dollars for Scholars. Recipients must provide a copy of the letter to Glenwood Dollars for Scholars to show that the letter was written and sent to the donor. 


Scholarships are awarded in the spring at Senior Awards Ceremony. The Senior Awards Ceremony is Sunday,  April 25,2021 in the Glenwood High School Auditorium.  This year 45 scholarships will be awarded with a total value of $22,800.00