Attention ALL High School Students



Dollar for Scholar Profiles may be started NOW!  Your Profile is a record of your school and community activities throughout your high school career. 

For graduating Seniors, Scholarship application dates are set by Glenwood Community School District.   Early in March application packets are distributed to Seniors.  Dollars for Scholars accepts online submissions for scholarship application on this date.   Dollar for Scholars online Scholarship applications must be submitted by the GHS application packet turn in date. 

There are over $1.5 million in national scholarships available.  Parents please fill out your FAFSA information and allow your student to participate at a national level via Scholarship America.  


Important instructions for completing your profile:

2021 Scholarship Application dates are February 18, 2021 through March 18, 2021. 

Students should use a permanent email address (not a school email address) when registering on this site. We will need to maintain contact with you after graduation to verify where your scholarship money should be sent. Make sure to update your profile if there are any changes to your email or mailing address.

Students may begin entering information on their profile as soon as they enter high school. This allows students to track their activities throughout their high school career until they become eligible to apply for the Glenwood Dollars for Scholars scholarships during their senior year. It is vital that you complete all information in your profile in order to grant you access to as many scholarship opportunities as possible. 

Logging into the Student Dashboard will give you access to volunteer and internship opportunities, important news about college life and exclusive resources to help you manage your money, succeed in college and take advantage of everything Dollars for Scholars has to offer. 


Our new website is a great resource for parents too! Here you can enter financial or other information for scholarships which may qualify your student for additional scholarships at a national level.   There is $1.5 million available via Scholarship America, make sure your student participates.

NOTE: Financial information is confidential and used only by the National Dollars for Scholars committee. The Glenwood Dollars for Scholars chapter does not have access to and will not be able to view your financial information.


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