Our Chapter Thrives on Community Support

Our Dollars for Scholars chapter succeeds because our community believes in students.  Besides fundraising, Dollars for Scholars benefits from funded endowments.   

An endowment is an investment fund set up by an organization in which regular withdrawals from the invested capital are used for ongoing operations or other specified purposes. Endowment funds are often used by non-profits, universities, hospitals and churches. They are funded by donations which are deductible for donors.

Glenwood Area Dollars for Scholars currently has twenty five funded endowments with a value in excess of $450,000. Our endowment funds are invested with the Omaha Community Foundation and only interest from these funds may be used to fund our scholarships. The fund principal is never touched.

Please think about funding an endowment as you consider your estate planning.  Contact Rick Rychly, Treasurer Glenwood Dollars for Scholars for more information.

Thank you to these families and organizations that have donated to Glenwood Dollars for Scholars.

Jerome and Sylvia Kaiman

Nutting Family

Glenwood State Bank

Mary Jane Miller Fund

Board of Directors

Dale Smith

Keith McGinnis

Masonic Lodge

School Traditions

Iowa Western Community College

Kiwanis Club of Glenwood

Martha Winum

Margaret P. Drake

Pat Barton & Class of 1974

Alice Gilbert

Pete & Suzie Swihart

Alta M. Morrow & DAR

Norma M. Williams & Class of 1969

Glenwood Booster Club Cross Country

Carry Crill

George B. Peterson Family

Tanner Porter Memorial

Donald R. Steele

Mary and Terry Barton